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Mar 31, 2013 8:00pm PDT
francisco hospital foundation the general hospital foundation has been such a wonderful wonderful entity and i want to just thank stephanie your leadership, i want to thank julie and rich at the board with all of the other board members, the staff at the hospital, all of the staph, you know sometimes the doctors have to do it's emergency work but what makes that whole hospital run is literally everybody that works at the hospital from the social workers to the accountants to the administrators to the nurses, and nurse practitioner and is the doctors and all of the fundraisers thank you everybody for working together. and for today, again, a big thanks to ellen and pam for your leadership and bringing the hearts and the heros together. it's such a wonderful just community effort to support our general hospital and all of the work that it does. everybody knows what it does already. but i also want to say there are other heros that you are acknowledging today and i would like to just give them a word of thanks. you know, when people get to the hospital, sometimes, it's in time. sometimes
Apr 5, 2013 6:00am PDT
appropriating $38,689,454 in the department of public health, including $4,314,849 of general fund reserves, $8,410,605 of the city reserves for state revenue loss, and $2,600,000 from community mental health services; surplus hospital revenues of $6,504,000 in general hospital, $12,560,000 of laguna honda hospital revenues, and $4,300,000 of laguna honda hospital reserve for debt service (senate bill 1128) revenues are recognized, as well as expenditure reductions of $7,389,546 and additional expenditures of $35,070,000 at san francisco general hospital, and $11,009,000 at laguna honda hospital. >> chair farrell: thank you very much, mr. clerk. we have greg wagner from the chief financial officer from public health to present. >> thank you very much, mr. chair. gregg wagner cfo department of public health. we are here today to request a supplemental appropriation based on our current year deficit for the department of public health. as you all know, we were here last week, and discussed in some depth the history behind our financial challenges, and some of the issues that we have been working
Apr 3, 2013 8:00pm PDT
of the general fund, partially through those efforts, and partially through some revisions and our projections. that number is down to about 31.2 million, which we still recognize as is a very large number but i want to assure you that we have been working hard to try to make it smaller. >> chair farrell: a few questions. so the deficit from general hospital on the revenue side, does in a incorporate the mental health -- program? >> the mental health reimbursement actually shows up in the second from the bottom on the mental health line, which is about 11.6 million. that's partially offset by some favorable patient operating revenues. in the san francisco general hospital, that revenue deficit is actually due to -- we had budgeted revenues from another transfer program. those revenues didn't come in. so it shows a deficit, but that revenue deficit is offset by an expenditure savings. we didn't have to make a transfer to get those revenues. so if you net that out -- i know this is convoluted -- >> chair farrell: the point being if you in netted that out then the surplus -- the expend tier defi
Apr 17, 2013 2:30pm PDT
everything and i'm very humble for receiving this apartward and thank you to general hospital foundation. >> (applause) . >> our second award will be presented by 98ian nay men. head of state and local relation, visa incorporated.. >> (applause) . >> good afternoon everyone god you look so great out there. i wish there was a camera up here so that you could see how wonderful you look especially with the backdrop of the ballpark. you know, i love this event for calm reasons usually it's because it's done around valentine's day and happy valentine's day by-the-way, and that is right by the day of my wedding anniversary and i'll be married 28 years torld tomorrow and pie my wife is not here today but happy anniversary sweet heart and this is beginning in 2004 and when judy good him and ellen newman and nancy vekcal come to you and you don't say no. as a matter of fact, when pam bear comes to you, larry she is much toucher than you when pam comes to you you done say know no and so we are proud of this relationship at visa that we have with this organization, the foundation and we are
Apr 21, 2013 8:14pm PDT
francisco general infected with hiv fires and i owe them so much gratitude for may being sure my daughter was born healthy. i don't know who to even that i think thank in that. >> i don't have any pain on reresidual damage and san francisco is giving to san francisco and i'm so lucky that i was brought here to be treated. >> we really want to thank the foundation expawflt work the hard work that goes into supporting our programs. they do make a difference. >> the san francisco general hospital foundation has been a life line for bay pack and really we would not be able to do our work without the foundation. >> i owe my healthy beautiful baby girl and my life to bay pack and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> ladies and gentlemen please wol come mark flag man regional vice president of at&t p p (applause) ladies and gentlemen please welcome doctor jeff manly chief of neuro surgery at san francisco general hospital and trauma center >>> (applause) . >> thank you may be i should work for at&t but, i think we have just seen a wonderful demonstrationstration here of what
Apr 6, 2013 9:00am PDT
be returned to the general fund? >> so basically, if it we have any revenue beyond what's required to get us through year end, at the year end, in the year-end close process, the controller will adjust downward the transfer from the general fund into the hospitals. so each year, the general fund is kind of on the margin that comes in and fills the gap. if we can make that gap smaller, they'll just give us less general fund at the end of the year. and that will fall back into the pot of general fund that's available for appropriation through the budget process. >> supervisor wiener: for any use. >> exactly. >> supervisor wiener: presumably had this 10 million let's say come in last week your supplemental, you would be reduced that you're requesting would have been reduced by 10 million. >> that's correct. >> supervisor wiener: and then in terms of the sources for the supplemental, just to be clear -- a bunch of this money is really internal dph money that we're allocating, right? >> that's correct. so of the $38.7 million of total revenue, all except about $13 million of that is internal dph
Apr 3, 2013 2:30pm PDT
have seen. just like san francisco general wells fargo is also looking at many ways to improve the overall quality of the community that we serve we know that having vibrant communities means you have a vibrant business and in fact i am very proud to say that since the year 2,000 wells fargo has contributed more than $7,000 to the san francisco general foundation but just as important as the dollars that we give are the volunteer hours that our volunteer members donate to the many events around here that support the general. so now, on to the important stuff. and that is to honor our hero and is this year's hero and is heart's award recipients are leader in the community who inspire others to exceptional community service and i'm thrilled to be here to celebrate the community leaders the heros amongst us on behalf of all of the bay area team members that work at wells fargo the 25,000 of us. i have to tell you that we all thank the heros for their dedication to this community. the two men that we are going to honor today, display incomparable dedication to improving the mis
Apr 1, 2013 3:30pm PDT
a $1.7 billion operation including san francisco general hospital and laguna hospital and extensive networks of primary care and substance abuse services. of our 1 had the $7 billion about 4 hundred and 50 million is city general fund subsidy for the 2013 focus year and the other is state and federal revenue. so as barbara said we have a large counter year deficit in the controls 6 month report it is $14.9 million and i'll let you know we've been working hard since the six months report to bring that number down and we've brought that down somewhat although your financial position is we're a significant draw on the city's if you believed just to support our operations in the current year. in terms of what's causing the deficit there's a number of things by the 4 categories we've got a instructional we face rapid cost inflammation that drives our costs up and we're facing continued state and federal revenue reductions and as part of our general operations weakness in the growth of our partial revenues throughout the system. again from the controllers 6 month report we have a 49 point
Apr 3, 2013 3:00pm PDT
it in the budget, we're here asking you for general fund. >> supervisor wiener: of that 45 -- i'm talking after this fiscal year, the ongoing structural defers, 45 million -- deficit, 45 million, how much do you anticipate needing all of that to be filled from the general fund? or are there -- i assume there are other revenues that are going to cover a portion of that. so my fundamental question is the structural deficit, where the general fund may need to step in, year after year after year, what do you anticipate that number to be? >> so a couple of answers to that question. in the five year financial plan for the city, there's a projection that about $38 million of that structural problem is an ongoing issue for the general fund. however, as you suggest, the amount of that, that is required from the general fund, depends on how well we can do in our revenues. so for example, if we are able to get state and federal approval for enhanced payments for our managed care program, we can offset that amount. if we're able to be successful under the transition to healthcare reform in retaining medi-c
Apr 7, 2013 11:00am EDT
of the solicitor general. finihe ved writing the drarec of this book prior to his death in december to c-span. this is a lit for ae under an hs >> we are gathered to discuss a his final book, serving justice. i am here because i worked as one of his assistants for two and a half years. we were friends between 1974 and his death last fall. but i need to open with a confession. i cannot say very much about the book. i will talk instead about the man and the solicitor general. the reason i cannot say much about the book is that its principal fgaus is his first six a tnths on the job. when he wrote the brief that persuaded someone to plead guilble and resigned as vice president. when he persuaded the supreme court to stop justice douglasvil crusade in the u.s. from prosecuting the vietnam war, when he fired ahey?hibald cox as the watergate special prosecutor and when he served as acting attoherwou general for three a tnths between the time to elliott resigned and william was apentyinted. it is not bad for one's first six months on the job. the title, saving justice, comes plom bhrvil decisi
Apr 3, 2013 2:30pm PDT
it be the airport, the retirement system, you know, the general fund investment pool, various places. san francisco lost millions of dollars due to libor fraud. and anything other than an aggressive response to get every nickel of that back is not worthy of the city and county of san francisco. colleagues, we were all here one month ago today to discuss the city's efforts to cut wages for some of the city's lowest paid job classes, classes disproportion eely occupied by men and people of color. i think that we thoroughly addressed that issue a month ago, with the exception of the amount of city resources, staff time, and expenditures to pursue those cuts. and i'm talking about multiple staff at dhr, calling jurisdictions all over the region to get data on 45 classes, obviously discussions with the mayor's office, legal strategies in the city attorney's office, fighting, you know, the big, you know, sciu purple union, and to dut these wages. -- cut these wages. all of these resources and do you know what the san francisco examiner reported as the savings of the city's proposal to cut those 45 classi
Apr 17, 2013 6:14pm PDT
that we maintain a separate harbor fund it's separate from the city's general fund. we've done analysis over time to look at property taxes and the cost of city services on port property. there's a bit of a gap. there's some sources that are urban leashed and don't generate tax precedes. and there's a cost of providing city services in that budget. and we try and track that over time. there's a general prim the harbors shouldn't subsidize or excuse me. the general fund shouldn't subsidize those services. the improvements to piers and seismic upgrades there in the capital fund also like along with historic properties listed on the national register. so as we are thinking about forming districts along the port property and the first proposed districts will likely be considered in 2014 so we're a ways away from requesting the styrofoam a districts. there would be a policy framework everybody sort of accepted there would be community oversight but those structures don't exist so we're going to propose local districts to answer those issues. there are some just a few minutes properties whe
Apr 7, 2013 7:00pm EDT
15 members and their rotating. and as with other things at the un, these rotations are generally speaking not pretentious because they just rotate on the completely fixed, kind of geographic basis. there is an order. there is not as much fighting as you think there might be at a. so it is important that we in the stand that we do actually require a vote, not just of the key 5, but the supermajority of the 15 members of that number in order to agree for a security council action to go forward. so it is not just a case of what the key 5 one. they have the ability to block everything, but they don't have the ability to like everything they make happen. >> host: what does the p stand for? >> guest: permanence. quite possibly the most jargonized -- it makes the department of defense look clear by comparison. >> host: what is the effectiveness -- what is the general assembly and is it effective? >> guest: well, the general assembly is the meeting place of all the nations, and so everybody has one vote, everybody has a voice. you see this every year when the world leaders lined up at th
Apr 5, 2013 6:30am PDT
about 29 million plus any updated revenue from the nine month report would be returned to the general fund so it's in some ways possibly going to cover the potential deficit of the general fund that we're dealing with today? >> yeah. if these payments were to come in, it would reduce the amount of general fund needed for the department. and i don't want to -- i want to be careful not to overset expectations because these are dollars that we don't have in our hands, and we've only really got three months left of the fiscal year. but, absolutely, if they do come in that would reduce our general fund draw, and we would be very happy if that was the case. >> supervisor mar: and i'm appreciative of supervisor wiener's questions about the structural problem since 2009. in the budget and legislative analyst report on page 8, mr. rose and his staff make reference to the process that the health commission is going to go through within the next two months to have public hearings on suggestions and policy directions for the the department so that we can correct the structural deficit for the fut
Apr 9, 2013 7:30pm PDT
generous. also to this budget, can meet the 911 thousand dollars that was originally planned for this. i heard the talk about restorative practices, but i feel like they were trying to do it on a shoe string budget. i would like to make an amendment that we allocate up to so as you know, this is an expensive endeavor. it is very expensive to try to ship around. it is changing the culture of our schools. we're on the tip right now of doing that. i think we wanted to see it actualized that these additional funds -- not a lot of money -- 43,430 extra to this budget. so i'd like to make the amendment that we bring up the total funding of the restorative practices to 911 thousand. >> you have made a motion. >> yes. i have. >> we have a second. now there is a motion on the floor for an amendment to the budget. so just to state it clearly, you are proposing that we add another 43,000 to the restorative budget. >> from where? >> it'd be helpful to know from where. >> i would take that from the reserve. so the reserve would be minus 43,430 dollars. >> it's possibly an unfair question, but
Apr 11, 2013 1:30am PDT
before you today reached out to all city departments, enterprise and general fund and sought to seek what their it needs were over the next five years. so, it's much more expansive than the earlier version. the current plan had descriptions of the it, each of the initiatives that were more for the rationale and anticipated results by the proposed plan, dives a little deeper as the supervisor mentioned earlier. gets more detailed project budgets, includes timelines, and then provides a status on current projects. and then lastly, the financial strategy portion of the plan has been more refined with some additional options added for use of one-time sources of funding as well as looking at new pre-planning funding being available for projects. there were three main guiding priorities for development of the itt plan. innovation, sustainability and resilience. we talk a lot about whether innovation in and of itself should be part of the ict plan and decided whether innovation needed to be looked at across every it project we do in the city and wasn't so much a goal as it was, and i approach ho
Apr 13, 2013 10:30am PDT
on this revised -- the revision that we have a general infrastructure increase of 45,000 which wasn't on our budget, on the budget that we received as a committee as a whole so i don't know. i saw the explanation, but in my mind, we were just taking it from the reserve. this money which is newly added in to our budget today or yesterday -- 45,000 dollars. does that not cover the amount we were taking to restorative practices? >> i could see the general explanation of general infrastructure -- maybe just give us the two sentence explanation. >> commissioners, as we all know, the funds are increasing the number of programs are increasing, the programs themselves are increasing and so are the evaluation needs so this is to expands our evaluation needs to continue our program to the city and to the board. >> we didn't do that before? my point is that at the committee as a whole last tuesday, that dollar amount is not in here so i believe we probably still have that need so we were going to fund it from somewhere. yes? that is my assumption -- that we were going to get it somewhere. so i ho
Apr 3, 2013 8:30pm PDT
million request while it is true that the bulk of the revenues are not coming from the general fund, they're coming from within the department, supervisors, if those funds did not -- were not needed, if there was not this deficit in salaries and overtime, then those revenues would cause the general fund to have -- to need less general fund in next year's budget. so it's -- the bottom line is this is a deficit. and fortunately, there are revenues that can help pay for this. but if they didn't have the deficit, those revenues would fund next year's budget. on page 4 of our report we pointed out the proposed supplemental would appropriate, as has been pointed out, $12.7 million from the state revenue loss in general fund reserves and that's shown in table 1, page 3 of our report. i know the supervisors know this but there are two additional sup premental appropriations pending before the board of supervisors, the public defender's office, 751312 and the sheriff's department 3,458.970. if the board approves it the state revenue loss reserve lch no balance and the general fund reserve will hav
Apr 7, 2013 4:00pm PDT
energy efficiency and build out of local generation and also build out local jobs. i also don't know how much outreach has been done to the local business community. i encourage to you do that. i know the place i work prides itself on being a green company and i think it should be one of the first places you go to and get their buy in and agreement to purchase this locally generated or this local energy program. thank you so much. >> thank you. national next speaker please. >> hello, i'm david mccord. a chair of the club of the san francisco base chapter of energy and climate committee and honored to speak with you today. we want clean power of s f to succeed that creates local jobs. among other cc a's across the country nearly all rates are below the standard rate of the local utility. among the few that are higher, modest premiums are significantly below staff's recommended rate, these include build out of local renewable and energy efficiency services by revenue. we are asking clean power sf to go beyond this. with the results of the customer survey, we believe it is essen
Apr 21, 2013 8:44pm PDT
around and you are champion and is to the san francisco general hospital foundation and particularly kelly long who has champions wrap around and given i go u.s. the abet to expand and grow and to our national brother and is sisters out there who also have wrap around project and for awful you this support is amazings and finally i want to thank my incredible colleagues in the department of surgery for your support and belief and is your mentor ship when it comes to doctor peggy and doctor bob and doctor campbell for your mentor ship and my colleagues and coen and i thank you. (applause) thanks for mayor of san francisco, edwin lee and the board of supervisors these are all people who not only believes in wrap around but put fining behind it and in fact it cost so much in the way of resource to save one person in violate injury but it's the less than the cost of resid victim and so i want to thank aum you have in the name of hope and belief in our communities for allowing us to do this work and continuing and to kaiser meta fund and at&t those who have believed in us
Apr 2, 2013 3:00am PDT
generated or this local energy program. thank you so much. >> thank you. national next speaker please. >> hello, i'm david mccord. a chair of the club of the san francisco base chapter of energy and climate committee and honored to speak with you today. we want clean power of s f to succeed that creates local jobs. among other cc a's across the country nearly all rates are below the standard rate of the local utility. among the few that are higher, modest premiums are significantly below staff's recommended rate, these include build out of local renewable and energy efficiency services by revenue. we are asking clean power sf to go beyond this. with the results of the customer survey, we believe it is essential. san francisco has an advantage. you already have authority to issue h revenue bonds for just this purpose. these bonds issued at a level which you can support will start signature build out and the creation of jobs. we recommend that you begin this on launch. as noted by staff, the work product of your consultant shows the way and gives you a good start in designing and implem
Apr 14, 2013 7:15am EDT
to you about the pro-life generation and then going to why we wrote the book and introduce you to some of the people who are featured in the book. 41 years ago, seven men, not too far from their, the supreme court ruled in favor of a 27 year-old runs of the unknown lawyer who actually had an abortion in college named sid. they ruled in her favor in the roe v. wade case. along with its companion, they both legalized abortion and all nine months of pregnancy in our country for whatever reason. most people in america actually go after it because, in all nine months. most people in america do not realize that debate abortion is legal in all nine months. you know, today i'm a 27 euros and i was reading about sarah and her fight to get roe v. wade up to sprinkle the iphone is very interesting. i'm the same age as she was but all of us who were sitting in this room today, if we are born after jim the 22nd, 1973, all of us are survivors of those two decisions. each and every one of us could have been aborted for $350. with our mothers were pregnant with us they told our moms that were nothing
Apr 3, 2013 6:30am PDT
was a general contractor and others did large jobs to specialized subs. we issued the package at the end of october and the bid period was extended twice so we can answer a lot of bidders questions which were technical. we had 8 addendums all to reduce the price and to make it easier for them and get competition. the fact of the matter is that on march 7, this month we received only one bid from the general contractor, which was $259.5 million. over a hundred million more than the engineers estimated. we analyzed what was in their bid and we made inquiry and made attempts to explain their bid and because they had 4 major subs to do fabrication on this job and 4 were the previous prequalified bidders but they did actually receive bids from the 4 qualified bidders in addition to one in oregon and one in washington. when we looked at that and the type of bids they had received there was definitely competition within here. we determined there was adequate competition but the bid itself is not obviously not an acceptable price. it's not a fair price and we would like permission to enter into
Apr 11, 2013 12:30am PDT
the right, you can see for the general fund departments, we really are -- we really have relied quite a bit on general obligation bonds and going to the voters and getting the 67% support to address some of these really serious needs. but the other difference here is that our general fund contribution has gone up dramatically and again that's really due to the tsip program and the investment in streets. if we go to the next slide, just briefly, we want to spend a little bit of time. we know you hear from the enterprise departments and they have their own capital staff. this is just an overview of their contribution of the capital plan of what they're going to be doing. it's around $20 billion, that includes the external agencies as well. and there is a list of the different projects that range from what i just mentioned, the transbay terminal of $3.5 billion, you know, to the central subway and pier 70 rehabilitation and development. the next slide, you know, begins to discuss where we are with respect to our general fund. so, this is just the general fund program and looking at
Apr 19, 2013 1:44am PDT
have generations, the youth generations that will be able to use this park in different places. >> the best park in san francisco right here. >> creating place where people can be active and lead, active, healthy life styles that are going to just stay with them for life. ♪ supervisor avalos, breed present. supervisor chiu? chiu present. supervisor cohen? cohen present. supervisor farrell? farrell present. supervisor kim? kim present. supervisor mar? mar present. supervisor tang? tang present. supervisor wiener? wiener present. supervisor yee? yee present. mr. president, all members are present. >> thank you. ladies and gentlemen, before we do the pledge of allegiance, i'd like to ask that we take a moment to recognize the victims of yesterday's boston marathon tragedy. [moment of silence] >> thank you very much. and ladies and gentlemen, could you please join us in the pledge of allegiance. i pledge allegiance to the flag of the united states of america, and to the republic for which it stands; one nation under god, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all. >> colleag
Apr 10, 2013 8:30am PDT
. and we would need to find an offsetting cut somewhere else in the unrestricted general fund extended budget. >> okay. >> thank you. so just a couple of thoughts for the board's consideration. i want to be very clear and be on record i wasn't here for the committee of the whole, i was in china, but were i there, i would have said my support for restorative practices is unwaivering. i think this is exactly what we should be doing. the first option is to keep kids in school, never to put them out. with that said, my support is also steadfast for peer resources. i think with that community, i've been one of their biggest champions in times of need and have involved myself very directly in helping that program. so i also sometimes have to be ba humbug. i have to be the grinch. we're increasing the budget for peer resources 43 percent over last year's budget. we 're increasing restorative practices 31 percent over last year's budget. there's not any other program in our district that's getting that kind of a percentage increase so i think we do have a solid demonstrated commitment
Apr 16, 2013 1:55pm PDT
? this resolution is adopted. [gavel] >> item 19. >> item 19 is an ordinance [speaker not understood] general fund reserve of approximately 4.3 million to support shortfalls in the sheriff's department for fiscal year 2012 through 13. >> supervisor farrell. >> thank you, president chiu. colleagues, this is a supplemental that came before our budget and finance committee last week from our sheriff's department. it's the third supplemental we've seen this budget season. the first of the public defenders which is going to be coming back for another hearing soon and second obviously the department of public health supplemental. the reason for the supplemental were twofold. one, unknown workers' compensation costs due to a few big claims that were not predicted last year as well as overtime costs due largely to the fact they were unable to fill vacant positions and have been struggling to do so although seem to be on the mend in that regard. we adopted recommendations from our budget analyst reducing the cost of the general fund by $181,000 so we're looking at about 3.2 million from our general fund re
Apr 27, 2013 11:15am EDT
. but the and liable fact is that this generation is a pro-5 generation. every poll that has been taken in recent years show that this is a first youth generation says the handing down of roe v. wade and doe v. bolton that actually pulls pro-life. this is counterintuitive to what many of us are told of what many adults think. they think, oh, the mullen neals, the use generation, there will always be liberal in every single issue. it won't grow up and get a job and been a first paycheck and have kids. that is not actually the case with abortion. there was a poll done last year by the gallup organization that should that -- showed that this generation is more pro-life and our parents' generation. i was reading a study not too long ago by two professors at georgetown university that was really interesting. pro-abortion, so in favor of legalized abortion, and there were talking about this mysterious case of a disappearing pro-choice generation because they showed that the attitudes of this generation towd abortion in the attitudes of the generation coming up behind us, those in high school and middle schoo
Apr 1, 2013 11:00pm EDT
millions of people that a company like general electric does. there will be many more smaller companies that me less ma less collaborative consumption and technology and social enterprise. >> how does that negatively affect a walmart or brick and mortar traditional company that employs millions of people, you know, responsible for a big chunk of our economy. how does that trickle down? >> guest: they are reshaping a lot of the fundamental of the economy. we have a different value set that cares about commitment to the environment. it has a social backside to it in some way whether it's a commitment from the beginning to being green. the lowest car ownership in an a long time. these are the -- [inaudible] these are the fundamental concept. what if people didn't think it was valuable to buy a home. for a long time we based our economy on home ownership and marriage and all of these things. >> yeah. >> so i'm not the economist i don't know what the how that is going to france form the economy. but it's something that economists should be paying more attention to. and politicians
Apr 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
, and welcome, secretary hagel, general dempsey, and secretary hale, thank you for the service, and we thank the men and women of the armed services and their families. we want to acknowledge the work you're doing to stop sexual assault in the services because as has been the subject of a separate hara subcomtteefhi committee, and secretary hagel, thank you for your quick action in changing the mcmj in regarding the convening authority's right to overturn decisions of the court or overturn verdicts, and i expect to continue to work with you and general dempsey on the issues, and i'd like to thank you, secretary hagel, for continuing cooperation with the veterans' cooperation to create a seamless transition for the men and women who are transitioning from active service to civilian life. there are major issues regarding all of that, as you know. my colleague asked you questions about the department of defense, and, of course, given the unstable fuel costs and the rising fuel costs and impact of fuel costs on budget estimates as well as the overall fiscal environment, i believe that controllin
Apr 18, 2013 8:00pm EDT
in washington. >> now a hearing on the justice department's 2014 budget request. attorney general eric holder testified before how supra-patient subcommittee for a little more than two hours. be attorney general holder we welcome you to the committee and thank you for appearing. i'm going to hold my questions until the very end because members have to catch planes and go out of town but i will have an opening statement to cover questions and concerns that i have. let me address the bombing attack at the boston marathon on monday. we know the fbi and the joint terrorist task force batf and its forensic specialists in all the federal state and local authorities are working nonstop to determine who carried out this barbaric act. let me assure you the subcommittee is ready to help in any way we can to help law enforcement against perpetrators and planners of this act of terror and insure ensure the full force of justice is -- to think something like that taking place anything this committee do we stand ready. i want to express disappointment with regard to you and me in the subcommittee. in somec
Apr 17, 2013 11:00am PDT
's general fund as to determine the i f p and also specify that the tax rate is established annually by the board of supervisors for the city and that's pursuant to the california revenue taxation code. and specify the tax increment may not be allocated to the cities general fund and to protect against sea level rise and finally, we consider the approval of this to be a policy decision. we'll be happy to respond to any questions and any questions? >> thank you very much for the recommendations. i think the changing the criteria 5 to look at the net fiscal general cities fund i'm wondering on behavior of the controllers office can comment not so much on all but in general what comments do you have about i f ds in the general fund if we move forward in the future? >> mr. chairman monique i'm from the controllers office. this is diverted for the benefits of the area and it really would depends on the developments of the property. we can do another analysis and this has been used in san francisco. in order to red blithe and improve the economical condition of that area but it does have
Apr 1, 2013 4:00pm PDT
5 years we're comfortable in operating in ways that the city's general fund is going to be sustainable in the larger projections for the city's general fund and we're commented to working. >> in this chart it shows for focus year 2013 it shows special i'm i read this right? >> a proposed $37 million special which drops in 2015 to $2.2 million which is never i guess i'm not going to say never it's why should we believe you now - >> just to clarify the charts our financial plan the values are incremental. it's not dropping to two the chapter is saying there's an additional 2 being being added to that amount. it's assuming that the gap is going to continue and that adds to the deficit and we need to take actions to address that. this is anna projection of the deficit that the deficit is continued to be ongoing >> are those solutions going to be available prior to an action item to approve the upcoming special request? >> the special request will be before you in next weeks budget competent. the budget two year budget plan is anticipated to go to the commission on ap
Apr 5, 2013 6:00pm PDT
opening day is about making memories again passed down from generation to generation. >> it is the world. memories will last a lifetime. really great, we spent the whole morning together, cutting school school. >>>reporter: the success of the field is translating to success at the box office. already this year the giants have sold 2.9 million tickets, the team says this time last year they had sold 2.7 million seats. >> they get into the players in ways that are almost familial, so it is not pablo sandoval, panda,. >> my husband is 93, i am 89 this is something we enjoy doing and we love it. >>>reporter: the celebration isn't quite over yet the special world series ring ceremony scheduled for sunday and for giants fans, the greatest show on earth is back in town. reporting live in san francisco rob roth ktvu channel two news. >> the california department of corrections is defending itself today following the release of a scathing report detailing inappropriate behavior by prison guards. the office of the inspector general released a report. it says prison guards groped inmates, brought t
Apr 1, 2013 2:00pm PDT
to the back we have at our front the general budget update but if you turn to page 7 we start the information on this presentation. so as you know and as supervisor wiener state we have a couple of significant funding issues the first is we face the continued reductions both for hiv services and prevention that went into effect those are reductions in federal reductions and we have additional reductions in the coming year so we have both those challenges to deal with and we still have little information about what the impact of the federal sequesterer b mr. mean in the streams. i won't dwell too much but just a current overview of where we are about 15 though 5 hundred people living with aids as of the end of not that i'm aware of. as barb said it had peeked and declined as we have had some impact on the total numbers in the city and we see some trends continue downward in new cases on a it's not significantly to be continued but we have some progress with new therapies. on the rhine white as you know, the biggest part of our funding is ryan white aid that comes from a formula of additional a
Apr 7, 2013 11:00pm EDT
be crazy. to talk about the pro-life generation y rewrote the book and introduce you to those who were featured in the book. not too far from hear the supreme court ruled in favor of a 27 year-old a relatively unknown lawyer who had an abortion collagen they ruled in her favor with trophy way dan along with a companion they both legalized abortion in all nine months of pregnancy in our country for whenever reason. in all nine months most people do not realize today abortion is legal for all nine months. i am a 27 year-old son and i was reading about sarah and her fight to get roe v. wade up to the supreme court and i am the same age she is in all of us sitting in this room today, if we were born after january 22, 1973, all of us are survivors of those two decisions. each and everyone of us could have been aborted for $350. with our mothers were pregnant with us they told our moms they were nothing but a blob of tissue. we didn't matter. today, said the planned parenthood the nation's largest abortion provider in the country tell us the same exact thing. the undeniable fact is this gene
Apr 23, 2013 4:30pm PDT
happens when just got an emergency generator and those are emergency generators and those are all noise, and unregulated. thank you for your time. >> president chiu: thank you . next speaker. >> good afternoon supervisors. my name is thomas -- i am a resident in the dolores park, it is in general regarding all of san francisco anything it bears repetition to say this is a world-class city, the most liberal city in the united states, perhaps the most liberal city in the planet earth and we need to move forward with a lot of regard for the citizens of earth, meeting people who live here not the rich little kids were running to get stone and high in dolores park. i think it is an invasion of the 18th street corridor. inds (indiscernible)we don't walk down the sidewalk anymore because restaurants have taken over. i live on the corner, i know them all. there is drug dealing out the window. my daughter was born 15 years ago there. there is no ordinance being of help. there is no regulation. the noise violation is unbelievable. the over density population of dolores park is exceeding any kind
Apr 24, 2013 1:30pm PDT
. the capita budget varies syllable from year to year from grants from general obligation bonds. we're in the midst the bringing to the board of supervisors a bond issuance for the 2012 bond and there are other large companies involved in that that number will grow. at its major parts our general subsidy savings and freeze from our recreational program and fees from permits, special events, facility rentals. and you can see a bigger and bigger church of our fund is in the earned revenue category. we have 2 hundred and 20 parked. this includes our urban foresters and staff. the next two largest slices of the pie with are the rec centers and swimming pools which is about 25 percent. then 12 from our maintenance yard. we have finance and accounting, purchasing, property management and it services. the remaining slices represent our zoo and volunteer services. nearly two-thirds supports staffs and other things like light, sewer, city attorney, komgs. we spend about 5 percent of our budget on supplies and equipment. 4 percent on garbage pickup, software licensing. 3 percent respectfully
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